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At Misty Emmons Insurance Agency, we can assist you in finding the right coverage at an affordable price for your mobile home or manufactured home insurance. Many times a mobile home is a more affordable way to become a homeowner and you may not be aware that it requires different coverages than a normal homeowners policy. These manufactured home have special requirements due to the transportability and construction. Our professionals at Misty Emmons Insurance Agency can find the right options to cover your mobile home assets and liabilities.

Mobile Home Coverage options in Texas

  • Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Protection from flood and other weather
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of use
  • And many others ...

We pride ourselves in customer service with the lowest possible rate. Just contact us today at 409-722-8189 or you can email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find your next Texas mobile home or manufactured home insurance policy.  Get A QUOTE!

Mobile home insurance is optional in Texas, however, many mobile home communities and mortgage lenders require homeowners to purchase coverage. Whether it's required or not, having mobile home insurance in Texas ensures that you have adequate protection in the event your home is damaged. Mobile home insurance policies are customizable and rates vary between companies, but Misty Emmons Insurance Agency will compare the policies and provide you with the most suitable one for your needs.

Do I Need Mobile Home Insurance in Texas?

There is no Texas law that requires mobile homeowners to get a mobile home insurance policy. However, most banks won't sign off on a mobile home mortgage until the owner purchases a mobile home insurance policy. In Texas, a mortgage lender can choose to make insurance a requirement, however, it can't require that a borrower buy coverage that exceeds the replacement value of the home and its contents. Mobile home communities and parks often require its mobile homes to have insurance policies. Therefore, the only way around purchasing mobile home insurance in Texas is to purchase a manufactured home outright and place it on private property.

In either case, we recommend purchasing mobile home insurance because without it, you'd be solely responsible for paying for any damage that occurs to your mobile home. Home repair costs covered by an insurance policy, like a roof leak stemming from a tree falling on your home, can quickly add up, so it's best to have financial protection.

Unique Considerations: Texas Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance policies typically cover wind and hail damage, but these may be excluded if you live near the coast. Homes in this area of Texas are susceptible to flood, wind and hail damage. If you're having trouble getting flood insurance in the private market, you could purchase it through the National Flood Insurance Program, which allows homeowners to buy federally backed flood insurance.

For wind and hail coverage, homeowners have the option to purchase coverage through a private insurance company or through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The TWIA was formed in 1971 to provide wind and hail insurance to people who live along the coast and can't qualify for private coverage. The average wind and hail insurance policy from TWIA costs $1,500 per year. Keep in mind that the TWIA only offers wind and hail coverage, meaning you'll still need to purchase a mobile home insurance policy. The counties where homeowners are eligible to purchase wind and hail coverage through TWIA are listed below.

Counties Where Mobile Homes Are Eligible for TWIA Wind and Hail Coverage

  • Aransas
  • Brazoria
  • Calhoun
  • Cameron
  • Chambers
  • Galveston
  • Jefferson
  • Kenedy
  • Kleberg
  • Matagorda
  • Nueces
  • Refugio
  • San Patricio
  • Willacy

If the mobile home is located within the limits of the following cities and east of Highway 146, then property is also eligible for TWIA wind and hail coverage:

  • La Porte
  • Morgan's Point
  • Pasadena
  • Seabrook
  • Shore Acres

What Does Mobile Home Insurance in Texas Cover?

Mobile home insurance offers coverage that is similar to what a homeowners insurance policy provides. Both policies provide insurance coverage for your home and your personal items, and they offer liability protection. Most Texas mobile home insurance companies allow policyholders to customize their policies through endorsements, which function as policy add-ons. The add-ons provide additional coverage that doesn't come standard with a homeowners policy. Additionally, most mobile home insurance companies in Texas allow policyholders to set custom coverage limits. Below, we provide descriptions of the main coverages of a mobile home insurance policy.

Dwelling Coverage: Mobile home insurance in Texas provides policyholders with coverage for permanent structures that are attached to the home. For instance, if a car crashes into your living room, then your insurance company would pay to replace the damage inflicted to the walls or any other damaged permanent structure. Examples of other structures that would be covered include your home's roof and an attached deck.

Personal Property: A mobile home insurance policy also provides coverage for your personal belongings, whether they're damaged or stolen. For example, if your furniture is damaged by a fire, the damage would be covered so long as you pay the deductible.

Liability Protection: This coverage offers you protection when a guest suffers an injury while on your property. For instance, if your neighbor is hit by a falling ceiling fan in your home, you could end up having to pay legal fees. With this coverage, your insurance company would provide financial protection, up to your coverage limit.

Other Structures: Most mobile home insurance policies also include coverage for other free-standing structures on your property. For example, any damage to a tool shed or a fence would be covered.

Additional Living Expense: If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, this coverage would compensate you for the costs of living away from home, such as hotel costs.

Mobile Home Insurance Rates in Texas

Texas' mobile home insurance rates vary depending on where your home is located, how old it is and the coverage you need. One of the largest factors impacting your mobile home insurance rate is your dwelling coverage limit. Let Misty Emmons Insurance Agency shop your coverage so you can get the best coverage available for the best premium.