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Ever think, “What’s the worst that could happen?” “What would happen IF the worst happened? Would I have enough insurance to cover me and my family if a severe injury occurred?”

With umbrella insurance, you can be prepared for the unexpected. It goes to work for you when coverage exceeds your current home, business or auto policy. And it keeps your major assets protected, so things like college savings, retirement, your nest egg and your way of life stay safe and secure from legal liability claims.  GET A QUOTE

So what is umbrella insurance?

Imagine this: a covered household member, like your newly added teenage driver, is out running errands when they make a left-hand turn too quickly causing a serious accident involving others. The outcome might result in you facing serious legal and medical issues that are greater than the limits of your insurance. This means your personal assets are exposed as you are sued for the significant medical and legal expenses caused by the accident.
In this situation, if you had an umbrella policy, you would have additional coverage protecting both your assets and peace of mind. It extends coverage for amounts greater than your car, business or homeowners insurance policies to protect you from a potentially significant loss settlement, up to your umbrella policy limit.

I already pay for insurance. Why do I need this?

Your current policies cover everyday occurrences that have everyday outcomes. Umbrella policies cover unexpected, serious occurrences that have extraordinary outcomes. Nobody wants to think about tragic events that seem like a farfetched nightmare, but the real nightmare is if a tragic event happens and you’re not protected. Having an umbrella policy protects your assets, like your home, bank accounts, and investments, and keeps your earnings in your pocket when your other policies have reached their limits.
Umbrella policies are used to protect your assets, so it should be part of your financial security plans.

Umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable. We have limits available from $1 to $5 million at attractive and competitive pricing.  Call us to help you get appropriate coverage:
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